Praise The Thaw

by Courage Cloak

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released December 18, 2015

Sean Farrell: Guitars, Vocals, Piano
Erik Lipson: Guitars, Vocals
William Wheaton: Bass, Synth
Cody Rico: Drums
Extra vocals on Diana and Dust to Sea by Alec Rodriguez

Engineered by Alec Rodriguez at New Alliance

Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East

Artwork by Michelle Dugan

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Courage Cloak Boston, Massachusetts

Sean Farrell - Vocals, Guitar
Erik Lipson - Vocals, Guitar
William Wheaton - Bass
Cody Rico - Drums

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Track Name: In A Sea of Warm Light
Muscle and tissue
Tethered to bone with sinew
A pulse that’s fading
But you are my blood

Floating in a vacuum
In a haze outside of time
I think that I belong here
In a sea of warm light - and so I

Think that I’ll stay here
Til the light hits your eyes
Electrical signals
Keep systems online
But you are my blood

Through an open window
Came a wave of salt air
The words: you’re home now
Drift in to my ears

You’re home now
Track Name: Danse Macabre
Sorrow you greet me like an old friend
Come to mend our severed ties
Though I trod a path towards the light
You remain here at my side

There is a truth that finds us all
Life placed upon the scale
To reckon with one’s self

Love is the law, love under will
There is no grace there is no guilt,
Do what thou wilt

Neath the veil of nighfall
The shadows come to life
The unawakened souls
Danse Macabre
To the beat of a setting sun
Track Name: Diana
The Priestess is calling
From a cavernous room
In the oculus I see a Star

The walls are adorned with
The Sun and The Moon
And echoes my racing heart

Our fate is unfolding
Revealed in her pool
Said follow this Joan of Arc

Be you Hathor, Persephone,
O’ Radha my saving grace?
Are you Horus, my soul to take?

She says “we must leave
For I fear that we’re doomed
There’s nothing left here but a tomb for a Fool”

For I am the Sun
And you are the Moon
But a darkness has come to swallow the truth

I’ll follow you dear
Even as the light wanes
Unafraid of the night
In a shroud spun of faith
Far from the pain wrought
By man on this place
Where I’m reborn anew
By the light of your grace

Track Name: Dust to Sea
Frozen in time inside my February head again
The Sun has set, I’m sleeping through the winter
In dreams I hear Ocean air roll through reed and pine
And I want to feel the salt on my skin forever

Please darling please, wont you bury me at sea
I’m so tired of this slow motion drowning
I can see you smile as I disappear with the tide
And the tear that trickles down your face

Let your arrows fly
And the pyre light
Burning like a love that’s
Brighter than the Sun

I can hear your voice whisper from the shore
Saying “Goodbye”
As you set my soul adrift
Saying “Goodbye”
Track Name: This Life Absurd
Caught in a time loop
Where everyone leaves is the golden rule
LIke water moves downstream

We’re all just ghosts here
Passing through a memory
In a reoccurring dream

But I remember everything

Possibility and disappointment
Chasing furiously, just like children
Whirling constantly, into a vortex
All I’ve ever known passing me again
And longing is the bodies way
Of saying this ever meant anything
True and pure, and I would hurt
Over and over again
For every second spent
Blissfully immersed
In this life absurd